Brechin Castle

Here at Angus Falconry, we’re pleased to announce that we have formed a partnership with Brechin Castle.

The Brechin Castle Garden Centre now features a number of aviaries, where we house some of our birds.  These include a Steppe Eagle; a breeding pair of Harris Hawks; a peregrine and a Snowy Owl.

Many of our Falconry Experiences – such as handling sessions, and meeting the birds – will be based at this Centre.  All equipment will be provided, and visitors will have the opportunity to handle a number of birds, such as Holly our Great Grey Owl (a crowd favourite!).  If you are lucky you may even be able to fly one of them!  We will also be setting up a number of displays at the centre through the summer.

Find out some more by watching the video below, where you can see one of the team handling and flying an Eagle and talking about what we can offer from the Centre.

The more adventurous experiences – such as Hawk Walks and Hunting Days – will also be starting from the Garden Centre.

The Centre has a large amount of facilities, such as shops, a coffee shop, the garden centre, extensive play areas for children, and a park.  It is within walking distance of Brechin Castle itself and is conveniently located from the A90.