With over 30 years breeding experience, Angus Falconry Services produce a limited number of high class Falcons each year from selected lines. We have carefully chosen breeding stock based on field performance and temperament, and have built a reputation for producing some of the finest game hawks available in the UK.

To ensure correct behavioural characteristics, all our Falcons are parent reared by natural pairs, or foster parents (in the case of hybrids, or birds produced by Artificial Insemination).

Once fledged, our young stock are pen hacked and fed on a high quality diet, providing you with fit, healthy, feather perfect Falcons, ready for training.

Scottish Peregrine

Scottish Peregrine

A small number of pure Scottish Peregrines are available each year, bred primarily from natural pairs, traceable back to wild stock. These stunning Falcons make outstanding game hawks. Consistently high mounting and tenacious, these Scottish lines have proven to be exceptional at Grouse.



Bred from pedigree stock, selected for size, power and performance, we believe our Peregrines are some of the finest available in the UK. They are consistently successful as game hawks at Grouse, Pheasant, Partridge and Duck, and strong and persistent out of the hood at corvids and gulls.

Barbary Falcons

Barbary Falcon

These dynamite little falcons are proving incredibly popular. They make fantastic small game hawks, high mounting and very aerial with a sweet temperament. Perfect for Partridge hawking and Grouse. Limited production each year, so we strongly advise ordering well in advance.

Gyr Falcons

Gyr Falcon

Incredibly powerful falcons bred from proven stock and top quality bloodlines. Selected for size, conformation and colour, we produce a very small number of stunning White Gyrs each year. We are also very close to producing Black Gyrs.

Peregrine Hybrids

Gyr x Peregrine

Gyr X Peregrine

Considered the ultimate hybrid for Game Hawking, our Gyr x Peregrines are large and tenacious. Very powerful and high mounting, these falcons are very much in demand and are suited to a range of quarries and hunting styles.

Peregrine x Saker

Peregrine x Saker

Our most popular hybrid, Peregrine x Saker’s are superb all rounders; consistent performance at game, as pursuit Falcons and routinely used for pest control and display work. This particular line has displayed excellent temperament, and falconers have been returning year after year for young stock.

Peregrine x Gyr/Saker

Peregrine x Gyr/Saker
Rapidly becoming the most popular choice as a large, biddable, yet powerful hybrid. Used in pursuit style hawking out of the hood, and very effective for Gull control. These incredibly tenacious Falcons have also proven themselves at game, as they are high mounting, courageous, and very persistent.

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