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Angus Falconry Services have been providing specialist bird control throughout Scotland for over 20 years. We are proud of our reputation as one of the most effective and professional providers of avian pest control in the country.


We are able to offer full deterrent programs using our highly trained team of bird control Hawks and Falcons, and can offer tailored solutions in both urban and rural settings.


We are a CHAS accredited contractor, fully licensed and insured, and we currently service the following sectors:


  • Waste Management (Landfill, Waste Transfer, Recycling and Reclamation)
  • Heavy Industry (Oil, Production and Processing Sectors)
  • Public Sector (Public Buildings and ‘Town Wide Displacement Programs’
  • Food Production (Agricultural, Milling and Processing)


Our Falconry based deterrent programs can be supported with other systems where applicable, including Audio Acoustic Deterrent, Pyrotechnic Deterrent, Visual Deterrents and Population Control under the terms of the General License.


We are committed to offering effective, reliable, price sensitive solutions and service.


We have catered to the needs of many large companies and councils, such as:

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