Hunting with Falcons – Half Day Voucher


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When we think of Falconry most people picture a hooded Peregrine Falcon or a Peregrine Falcon stooping at speed toward its prey. Join one of our expert falconers and a selection of our outstanding hunting Falcons and Pointers to witness this incredible spectacle unfold before you.

Peregrines and Peregrine Hybrids are used in the pursuit of game including Partridge, Duck and Pheasant on our extensive hunting grounds. Watch in awe as the falcon turns and stoops from high above in pursuit of its quarry.

Opportunities to observe falcons flying ‘out of the hood’ in direct pursuit of quarry, such as Rooks and Seagulls, are also available. Large Falcons, including Gyr Hybrids, power off the fist as the falconer removes the hood, in direct pursuit with breathtaking agility and prowess.

These sessions are available for up to 4 participants.

Participants must possess a reasonable level of fitness as these sessions cross potentially steep, rough terrain. Before taking part you must read the General Information section below to ensure you suitably clothed and correctly prepared for the event.