Hunting with Goshawks – 2.5 Hours Voucher


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The European Goshawk is revered as one of the most efficient and deadly of all Birds of Prey, and is used extensively by Falconers throughout the world in the pursuit of a range of quarry from small game birds such as Partridge to Blue and Brown Hare.

Experience the thrill of hunting game with these fast, agile Hawks. Arguably the most adept hunters of all the birds used in modern Falconry, you will join one of our expert falconers in the field, and observe the relationship between bird, falconer and dog in the active pursuit of quarry on our extensive hunting grounds in the beautiful Scottish countryside.

This specialist experience is limited to 2 participants per session, and lasts for 2.5 hours.

Participants must possess a reasonable level of fitness as these sessions cross potentially challenging terrain. To take part in this event, you must read the General Information section below to ensure you are wearing suitable clothing and are prepared.

Please contact Angus Falconry to arrange a suitable date for your session.