Terms and Conditions

These represent the Terms and Conditions of Service for purchasing and participating in Falconry Experiences with Angus Falconry Services.

These Terms do not cover any other services offered by Angus Falconry Services, unless otherwise specifically stated.

General Terms

These terms refer to ‘you’, ‘us’ and ‘we’.  ‘You’ are the customer having purchased a Falconry Experience with Angus Falconry services.  ‘Us’ and ‘we’ refers to Angus Falconry Services, the provider of the relevant Falconry Experience.

All prices shown are inclusive of VAT.

General Disclaimers

As we are based in the North East of Scotland, from time to time and particularly outside of the Summer months we can experience some difficult weather conditions.  We reserve the right to cancel if the weather conditions on the chosen day(s) are unsuitable. If you are unsure regarding the suitability of the weather we recommend contacting us, and familiarising yourself with our cancellation policy.

Minimum Participants

Some events have a minimum number of participants.  If the minimum number of participants are not present at an event we reserve the right to cancel.  You may wish to look at our cancellation policy regarding arranging a different date if participants are unable to make the chosen day(s).

Payments & Refunds

Any event should be paid for through our website, angusfalconry.co.uk.  Payments are taken against the specific Experience in the form of vouchers for each event and person.  All our payments are processed through Paypal.  Vouchers are not redeemable against any product or service with Angus Falconry other than the Experience that has been paid for, and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of payment.

Booking your Event

Once you have paid for your Falconry Experience(s), you should contact us as soon as possible to arrange suitable date(s) for your Falconry Experience(s).

Once date(s) have been agreed we will email you voucher(s) to cover the agreed Falconry Experiences and date(s).

You must bring these voucher(s) with you to your Falconry Experience(s) in order to participate in the event(s).  If you fail to bring the relevant voucher(s) you cannot participate in the Falconry Experience(s).

Preparation for the Event

We provide everyone with specialised safety equipment appropriate for the chosen event, however we strongly recommend that you wear clothing and footwear suitable for outdoor pursuits. Difficult and changeable weather can be common in Scotland, so you should check the weather forecast in advance and dress accordingly, particularly if you are taking part in one of the Hunting Days, or a Hawk Walk. If you need advice closer to the time of your event we are more than willing to help.

Regardless of the event, long sleeved tops are recommended, and please bear in mind that you are going to be handling birds of prey. Therefore you will need to follow instructions at all times, behave responsibly, and take due care throughout your experience.

Furthermore, although all care will be taken, you will be handling animals who are predators.  The risk of any injury is very slight for anyone who follows our instructions.  However, we take no responsibility for any injuries the animals may cause you.  Similarly, some of these Experiences take place in country areas where the risk of injury is increased, and we accept no liability for injuries sustained during a Falconry Experience.


If for any reason you are unable to make it to your Falconry Experience on the chosen day(s), you should contact us as soon as possible in advance of the event to rearrange new date(s) for the Falconry Experience.

If you do not turn up to the event suitably prepared, if the correct number of participants do not arrive, or if you do not turn up to the event at all, we reserve the right to cancel your event without refund.